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Would You Make a Great Pet Parent?

You think you might be ready to welcome a new furry, scaly, or feathered friend into your home … but how do you know what kind of pet parent you'd be? Take this cool quiz and find out!

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Your pet is acting strange.....what do you do?

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How active do you plan to be with your pet?

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Why is grooming important for your pet?

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Your pet got lost. What do you do?

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Your new cat is shedding everywhere. What do you do?

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You go on vacation, but the place doesn't allow pets. What do you do?

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True or False: A house cat is genetically 95.6% tiger

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You need to find a vet. What should you do?

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True or False: Meowing is how cats communicate with each other

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You're getting a pet. What will you do to prepare?

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You dropped some food on the ground near your pet. What do you do?

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Do cats or dogs have more neurons?

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Which one of these names do you like for a male?

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