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Amazing care for my pets and the pets of my family members. Also had the great pleasure of working here for over a year and counting and it has been a fantastic experience! Amazing place to be all around with very friendly staff and genuine care for your pets.
So happy to have found this practice! Took my puppy here for an exam and the entire staff was so nice and making her feel comfortable! 🐶 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Honestly just the absolute best vet experience I have ever had anywhere. The staff are SO nice and truly care about your pets and it is so refreshing. My dog actually gets excited to go to the vet! Genuine people and affordable care. 10/10 will recommend.
Dr. Jack and his staff are just amazing, warm care takers of our dogs. Every time I have taken in the dogs, the staff and Dr. Jack embrace them, and provide care as if they were their own pets. I highly recommend Dr. Jack and the staff at St. Augustine Animal Clinic for your pets care. They are the best!!
Preventive care is a relief. To know my dog will not get heartworm or fleas?To be aware of allergies or known weaknesses of her breed. I see myVeterinarian twice a year and the biggest relief is how he knows and cares about my dog. If a problem does come up?I just call St. Augustine Animal Clinic.The receptionist and assistants areEmpathetic and efficient in scheduling my dog quickly.These professionals know my pet is a dog in name only. She's really a member of our family and we love having her around. They always treat her gently.Dr. Qualls is an avid reader. He is nowledgeable and up to date on newTreatments . I might be upset about some out of the ordinary behaviour and I'll express this worry. Dr. Qualls is a straight shooter. He'll say exactly why she does this and from his years of experience he will list 2 or 3 things I canDo to remedy whatever it is.If you love your pet , invest in its healthAnd care. The team at St A's animal clinic had long-time experience. These doctors know medicine, know your pet and are a dependable business in their location, hours and services. Don't wait for an emergency. Call St Augustine Animal Clinic and make an appointment today. It's easy. It's a relief. It's peace of mind.
Very nice people to work with your pet
Dr Jack and staff are wonderful!!
Fast convenient location and friendly staff.
Dr. Jack and his Team at St. Augustine Animal Clinic are the best of the best!My sweet Cairn Terrier, Chase, had been struggling over the weekend, and I knew in my heart of hearts that it was time to help him cross over the Rainbow Bridge. After all, he had been my boy for more than 18 years who would know better than me.I called our Vet explained my situation and was told we could not be seen for 10 days. I then called Dr. Jack's office, explained my situation, and without hesitation, was scheduled an appointment. Dr. Jack confirmed what I already knew, and together we helped my sweet boy crossover. I can never thank Dr. Jack and his Team enough for all their kindness both before and after the appointment, from the hugs and words of assurance for me and my daughter in law, to the check-in email and signed card from the entire office. When the time comes that I have another fur baby, I will not take them anywhere else.
They really care and truly try to work with you and what's best for your pet
Very helpful
We have bringing our Belgium Shepherd to this vet for years. One sign of an awesome vet is your animals eagerness to go inside as soon as you pull in the parking lot. They are very knowledgeable and treat each pet as their own.
Dr. Jack and his staff are great. Dr Jack has always been very honest and reasonable about my pets and I really trust any advise or suggestions he gives me in regards to my pets. I have 3 cats and 1 small dog and they all love seeing St. Jack.
I've been going here for years the Vet & staff there are awesome.
The only place I go to for my cat. She means the world to me. They are HONEST AND CARING.
Best vet in town hands down . He is kind and caring of our fur baby's and always goes above and beyond for his clients . Great service and fair prices . If you want a great vet to take care of your pet , this is the place to go . Five stars 🌟 ✨️✨️✨️✨️✨️
St. Augustine Animal Clinic has been our vet for many years. Both Dr. Jack, the owner of the clinic, and Dr. Doug are phenomenal and the entire staff from the front to the back are just as incredible as well. Always treating me and my pets with respect, the ultimate of care and great big smiles for us!! Our senior Basset Hounds have both passed and the doctors and staff helped us with each passing and they were so loving and compasionate while trying to help us through our grief and devastation. Words just can't begin to describe the compassion and caring of every doctor and staff member. I don't know if emotionally we can survive the sadness of losing our faithful babies again, but if we do at some point decide to bring in another family member the St. Augustine Animal Clinic will, without a doubt, be our continued health care for our furry one. They have more than earned our complete trust and respect!
We just had our dogs nails trimed but will eventually use them as our Vet because our current Vet is in Jacksonville & too far. This Vet is right around the corner from us. They are friendly & top rated in the City. It was a good experience.
Great place, staff is wonderful, doctors are great they always take care of our puppy’s
We are liveaboards, our 3 dogs needed their yearly vaccines and these guys took all 3 dogs at once and took really good care of us, I highly recommend their services.
Been going here for awhile and we really like the people there.
Caring and in depth
I was not from the area but my dog needed to get IV fluids every day. I went to them because of the reviews. Got to say they fell short. The love and care for my dog and other pets that were there was unbelievable. The staff was the best I seen in a while on customer service. If I am ever in the area. For sure I will be going back.
Yesterday it just seemed like another day but it's someone else's world yesterday was a tragic day or this person's kitty cat that was unresponsive until we together had a chance at life as this little kitty was struggling with eyes that she was in pain, so immediately we went to St Augustine animal clinic and as we came in they were waiting for us and immediately acted upon the the sustainability instability of this little kitty. As we waited in the waiting room I stepped outside with the client as they were distraught as to what was going on and the doctor came out and ask the owner to step inside and they did and we're in there for about 2 minutes then stormed out screaming and crying and wanted to go home so I took them home it was a sad day indeed for this family to lose their little animal that was in this world for short time and then life expired. Emotionally being attached to our pets as to if anything seriously happened to them we as well speaking plural we as family that owns our pets and has our pets for comfort are devastated when we lose as with this one a little kitty. It saddens me to know this family suffered their loss in the passing of their little kitty, I took the couple home and we prayed for comfort and the hands of Jesus to be upon their hearts through their loss. People do attach themselves and are attached to there's as well as mine attached to our our pets, and even though they may be pets this animal clinic went over and above to try to stabilize and sustain life and I want to thank you each for all your efforts and your empathy as to what and how you handled things, we greatly appreciate you and your commitment to our animals as we call our pets and many of us call them our family, thank you all so very much for your efforts your commitment sympathy in this one's life that lost their new pet; from my heart and the client's heart we want to say thank you so much for your efforts and your commitment and what you do, it is because of people like you in the commitment that you have that makes life a little bit easier for us as honest but also gives us an avenue to know when our animals our pets need medical attention every one of y'all stepped up to the plate and we're totally committed to trying to stabilize this one little one so from the bottom of my heart as a pastor I want to say thank you for taking care this clients little kitty and thank you for your empathy and your sympathy and all that you did and your professionalism was impeccable thank you so very much,,, yiC
Small clinic that caters to your pets every needs. Love the 2 pet doctors who do their research, they are knowledgeable and LISTEN to your concerns. The entire staff are attentive and professional. I was so relieved when they took me right in on an urgent visit for my cat.
Very kind staff.
Dr. Schmidt is new to me but I like him. They solved my dog's itchy problem.
They were very easy to work with for our first visit with my 2 old English Bulldogges. Prices were very fair and the staff was super sweet. Love the fact that you enter in one side and exit with other... less stressful if you have large dogs.
We love this veterinarian!Excellent service staff and prices
Very nice. Easy to make an appointment. Very friendly staff. And, knowledgeable and welcoming Dr.'s. This office is a breath of fresh air.
Wonderful staff and they take great care of my pet.
We were referred to St Augustine Animal Clinic by a co-worker. I have to say, it was well worth the switch. The staff are all friendly, and take such wonderful care of our fur babies. The best thing, our older dog has more treatment options for his ailments.
Dr. Doug is wonderful at what he does. He's taken such good care of my dog and has helped me in making sure she's healthy. I will always be grateful for his care.
They were very compassionate and loving towards my dog. I'm pleased with their services.
Great vets and staff.
Dr. Jack is great! They have been very kind to our family and our lovable pet. I was very impressed with the level of professionalism and service we received here. You will not find a more knowledgable vet in the St. Augustine area. Thank you!
The staff at St Augustine Animal Clinic were caring, professional, and attentive. They treated our dog like he was their own, giving him plenty of love. In addition, they recommended only necessary treatments - not a grocery list of recommendations. The result is a veterinary staff I can trust at a price I can afford. I highly recommend St. Augustine Animal Clinic!
Love their happy hour shot prices!
Nice, professional, and caring
You couldn’t pick a better vet hospital than this one ! I have known Jack Schmidt for 10 years and I has taken care of some of the most difficult problems that I have taken my pets to other vets for who couldn’t diagnose or treat. Highly recommended!!
The frist time they would not see my dieing dog butbthey madecroom
We have always been happy with the veterinary we have received, but the service is outstanding also. My dog has the stomach flew and she has some stomach issues from spending her first three years in a puppy mill. I called in today and couldn’t get an appointment, so the receptionist/assistant took the trouble to get some medication immediately and set an appointment for two days from now. I am very grateful.
Excellent ,caring staff. Dr.Jeff was fabulous with my kitty.
These folks are the best!
Just moved and was looking for a new vet, also because my cat just did *not* like the last one! Got an appointment promptly and on the date of the appointment, had easy check in and was happy to be able to come in and talk with the vet during the exam. The vet was very clear and upfront with treatment and cost, as well as helpful with care tips for my older cat. I was very happy.
Dr Jack and his staff are absolutely the best! I'd never take my dogs anywhere else.
Jack and his team are highly knowledgeable, supportive, and caring, always generous with their time and efforts toward the well-being of our 15-year-old labradoodle, Saffi. We love them and feel lucky St. Augustine Animal Clinic is our vet. Highly recommend!
Very friendly and give good information
Dr. Jack is a great vet. Knowledgeable, caring staff. I highly recommend.
Good fast service my bailey loves going there
We moved to St Augustine from Maine. I thought we had good Vets there until we met Dr. Jack Schmidt. Our 5.5 lb Chihuahua Blue is one of our true joys in life. I have been accused of being a helicopter dog dad. So getting the best is a top priority. Dr Jack has given us great advice on how to treat Blue. We also recently had her spayed. A great Vet needs to have Skill, Knowledge, commitment, and caring. Dr Jack has all of these qualities. The staff will always let you know up front what the costs are. No surprises! I will say the costs are very reasonable, I didn't really look at cost though. I just wanted the BEST! Dr Jack Schmidt is someone you can trust and believe in. My dog Blue agrees!
Dr. Jack and staff came to the rescue again! Thank you for seeing Bentlee this morning 💕🐾
Dr Jack is awesome. He has taken care of our dog since he was a little pup. Can’t say enough good things
Would like to thank the folks at St. Augustine Animal Clinic. My beautiful and loving pup passed recently and these folks were amazing. I would like to thank Dr. Jack and his staff! This has been hard for my family and my other dog. We appreciate the compassion and care they provided.

Cullen Fridley
Director of Sports Medicine
Flagler College
Friendly staff, a more like neighborhood vet clinic. Instead of a processing plant. Doc, and staff take they're time to answer all your questions. Great place
Very nice staff and great Doctor.
Dr Jack is the best!
He truly cares about all the “babies”... and their humans too!
He had taken care of my last two kitties, starting way over twenty years ago, and today he met my newest rescue.
His entire staff is great but I LOVE Dr Jack!
I wouldn’t even consider going to anyone else!
Dr. Jack is our pet’s pediatrician :) Our dogs are very much our children and over the last 5+ years St Augustine Animal Clinic has handled every need from small to large. From annual check-ups and vaccines to the occasional UTI to on-going bladder stones to gracefully tackling the death of our Mo~ from end to end. Dr. Jack handles it all with an easy demeanor. Thank you Dr. Jack, you do a GREAT job!!
I recently started seeing Dr. Jack when I found out my cat had a tumor on her chin. Dr. Jack and his entire staff have been wonderful. Everyone is very personable. Dr. Jack took his time to go over all of my options to treat my cat, he never made me feel pressured and let me decide what treatment I was going to do. I highly recommend Dr. Jack and the entire staff if your looking for a place to take your fur babies
You get great help from Doctor's and Staff. They take the time to explain the problems to us and what they can do to help our four legged member of the family.
Great clinic" great staff "very clean"my pets forever vet 🐕
Great vet, my cat Toby had a small rash on his belly. The Dr was wonderful with him keeping him calm even during a couple shots!! I highly recommend this veterinarian for your cats and dogs.
The staff are the best. They make you feel at ease and that your loved one is in good hands.
Dr Jack and his staff are kind, caring, helpful and friendly.
Very friendly staff, and well trained Doctors. Competetive pricing and all the help you need with your animals.
So GOOD with the animals .
Thank you for the genuine sympathy and patience of the staff at St Augustine Animal Clinic during the loss of my best friend, Duke. While the pain in my heart is immeasurable, your role in bringing peace and ending suffering is profound, fundamental and until I can find my words again, just want to say "Thank you."
Great clinic! I was visiting with Lap of Love Veterinary Hospice and I was so happy to feel so welcomed ! You can tell they are a compassionate staff
Your animal will get excellent care.alittle expensive for me but I am on social security. In a very convenient location, personal are friendly and patient with your animal. A very good go to place.
My cat ManMan was almost on the brink of death when I took him to this Animal Clinic. He would not eat or drink water, very lethargic. He stayed in the same place all day. He actually would not eat his favorite food which is tuna fish. I definitely knew something wrong then. They stuck him to take his blood and he didn't flinch. Blood work came back okay but they knew he was depressed. They gave him a steroid shot and sent him home with antibiotics. Within 2 hours, ManMan was at his water bowl and drank the whole thing. Within 3 hours, he tried to eat his food. Every time I saw him do things on his own I could not help but clap. I want to thankeveryone at the St Augustine Animal Clinic for bringing ManMan back to his regular self. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOUUUUUU!
Dr Jack is the best Vet I’ve ever had. I’m 63 yrs young and had animals through out my life. He has shown me how a caring vet and his staff can really care for your animals.
My dog had a massive tumor on his leg. It was taken off and he is healing nicely. Thank you for taking care of my old guy.
Super knowledgeable, friendly and personable Dr. Jack. Barely any wait to get in too
Dr. Jack takes great care of our pup, Romeo, and we are thankful to have a Vet who really listens and truly loves all animals.
Wonderful First Time Experience! Our Dog Archie liked Dr. Jack! :))
Dr. Jack and the staff are wonderful people who treat you and your furry babies like family. They have taken care of our girls since we moved to the area in 2011 and I'm always happy with their service and care. When we lost our youngest to cancer they sent heart felt condolences to us to help soothe our heartache. With all of that in mind, I'm happy to say that our newest addition saw the team today and my wife and I are confident that she is in the best hands in the St. Augustine and Jacksonville area.
From the Front office all the way to the veterinarian Dr Jack Schmidt they all have a love a passion for our animals!! Love this place and would never take my pets anywhere else�
Best care and service in St. Augustine! Thanks for taking such good care of our crazy kitties.
Dr. Jack has been our vet since he started his practice here. The staff has always been professional yet kind and compassionate. Today when I called, I was told that Jack had a family commitment and was leaving the office "shortly". I explained that our dog, Rajah, seemed to be in a life threatening crisis, and I was told to bring her right in. Jack waited for me to get there, examined Rajah and we discussed the options. He never gave any indication that he had somewhere else to be. Jack and the staff never tried to rush me into making a decision and when it was made they were all very supportive. Not sure if I'll get another pet, but if I do Dr. Jack is the only vet for me.
Caring, special people. If you LOVE your pets, bring them HERE!
St. Augustine Animal Clinic is awesome! A friendly, knowledgeable group of folks who genuinely love and care for all animals and their people!!
Truly loves the each animal, grew up knowing what he wanted to do and does it!!
Happy to take my dog to place like this. They are all wonderful!