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Veterinary Information Network, Inc.

Since 1991, VIN has been the number one online veterinary destination - and always has been and always will be -- for veterinarians, by veterinarians. Those who don't "know" VIN, likely think VIN is a web site. But VIN members (VINners) quickly recognize that although VIN is a "site" on the "web", it is much more than a web site.

Hills Pet Nutrition

We only use compassionate, noninvasive methods necessary to develop nutritional technology so dogs and cats around the world live long, healthy lives.


HomeAgain is an advanced lost pet recovery service dedicated to the safety and well being of your pet. Our system is best utilized when a microchip with a unique ID number is injected between the shoulder blades of your pet. This can be done by a veterinarian if your pet is not already microchipped. Once your pet is microchipped the next step is to enroll your pet's microchip ID. Enrollment adds a description and photo, along with your contact information, in the HomeAgain National Pet Recovery Database. This information is critical to reuniting you immediately with your lost pet once he is found.


A safe and secure pharmacy partner that acts as an extension of your practice. We know there are a lot of online pharmacies out there that aren’t exactly worthy of your trust, let alone your business. But VetSource is different. We are fully licensed Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians who are here to support your practice. Being pharmacists is what we love. We don’t take safety lightly. We’re rigorous when it comes to our processes and operational standards, and properly licensed in all 50 states. We’re a PCI certified service provider, maintaining a secure environment for all credit card information. And our private proprietary software keeps client data safe. In short, we offer the safest Home Delivery experience possible. All in a seamless process that acts as an extension of your services.

Companion Laser Therapy

The beneficial effects of laser light on tissue were first recognized almost forty years ago. Since then, there have been thousands of studies documenting the positive effects laser light has on different types of cells, tissue, and disorders. Recent advances in technology and manufacturing have made it possible to have this exciting modality available and affordable for clinicians.


PetsWelcome is a good resource for everything you need for traveling with your pet. From hotels to stay in, things to do, veterinarians in other locations, they have everything you need while traveling with your pet.


St. Augustine Animal Clinic is dedicated to protecting and building the health of your pets! Protecting your personal health is paramount importance as well. We work closely with AMP Gym in St. Augustine Fl and support them fully. Call Matt Nigut for a private consultation! 904-810-5656

Bug Away

Keeping your pets free from pests is a huge issue for their health. We highly suggest a strong pest control plan for your home and yard. Bug Away Specialists Inc. has officially opened its lawn division serving St John's County residents, providing fertilization, weed control, and insect and fungus treatments for commercial and residential lawns and flowerbeds! Bug Away supports St. Augustine Animal Clinic for all of their vet referrals, and we absolutely support them to handle any and all pest control issues for you and your pets. There's no ifs, ants or bugs about it! (904) 260-7828